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Some skateboard action

Since my daughter likes to try every kind of activity that might harm her, I sometimes get some nice photo opportunities. This time: A skateboard.

All new. All reduced.

While I started a "real" blog a couple of years ago, I quickly noticed that I simply have not enough time to write and create enough material to keep an ambitious site like this alive. As a consequence, this page was hardly updated and became more ore less a graveyard of digital content. Sad, but: I know discovered Koken, a free CMS for photography pages and showing some images is basically what I want to do. So - here we go: All new, all reduced.

Enlight app - an old video

I once reviewed an iOS photo editing app that kinda blew me away with it's options and quality. And since I wanna know how I can embed videos on this page, I have to repost it. Although it is old.